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Abuse Handling

According to our Terms of Service (ToS) we do not allow any kind of abuse on our platform. For details please refer to the ToS you accepted while you registered your customer account. For reference, we reserve the right to suspend servers that:

  • Provide content or services that violate applicable law in Germany or the European Union.
  • Provide content or services that can be used for phishing or social engineering attacks.
  • Are actively used for (preparatory) hacking activities (e.g., port scans, net scans, brute-force attacks, directory enumerations, SQL injection probing, query probing, targeted searches for vulnerabilities and weaknesses, etc.).
  • Serve as command and control (C&C) servers for malicious software (e.g., malware or ransomware).
  • Use provided resources for generating or mining any form of cryptocurrency (e.g., Bitcoin mining or Chia mining).
  • Operate open services that can be used by third parties to violate this Acceptable Use Policy, for (D)DoS attacks or spam distribution (e.g., open e-mail relays, open DNS resolvers, open NTP servers, etc.).
  • Endanger the network and/or resource stability of other customer servers (e.g., through incoming or outgoing (D)DoS attacks).
  • Operate TOR relay and/or TOR exit nodes.
  • Send spam or unsolicited (marketing) e-mails without the recipient's explicit consent (double opt-in procedure, even if that procedure is not a requirement in the customer's legislation).


When our Trust & Safety team finds your service to be in violation of our Terms of Service (ToS) your server is suspended. That means that we will shut the affected service down and notify you via e-mail about the reason for the suspension.


Please do not open a support ticket to resolve the abuse case. You need to check the abuse case under Abuse Management and provide your statement there. The support team can not handle your case as this is solely done by our Trust & Safety team.

Afterward, you need to head to our client portal and check the abuse case we've opened for you. Abuse Case 1

Within the abuse case, you can find all information about the abuse case. In the following example you can find a complaint about brute force attacks towards third party SSH servers. Abuse Case 2


In order to unsuspend your server, our Trust & Safety team is requiring an extensive statement about the abuse case. Please understand that we need a detailed statement that explains how the incident could happen, what you're going to do to resolve the issue and which security measures you are implementing to prevent future incidents. Abuse Case 3 Please understand that you are not entitled to get your server unsuspended after a violation of our Terms of Service (ToS) occurred. We will decide on a case-by-case basis if we will unsuspend your server or not. If our Trust & Safety team isn't satisfied with the statement or is under the impression that you are unable to take proper care of your server's security, we reserve the right to terminate your server and/or your customer account.