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This documentation is designed to provide further details and insights into our offered services and our customer portal. Our customer portal is our one-stop self-service portal for all our services. It allows you to order, manage and configure your services and servers.

Portal Features

  • Order and Provisioning - New servers can be ordered with just a few clicks. Your services will be automatically provisioned within a few minutes.
  • Power Management - Start, Stop and Restart your server.
  • Reinstall - Reinstall your server with a different operating system.
  • Snapshots & Backups - Create snapshots (or backups) of your server and restore them at any time.
  • VNC Console - Use the VNC console to perform out-of-band management of your server - even without network connectivity.
  • Additional Volumes - Order and manage additional volumes for your server to increase its storage capabilities.
  • Private Networks - Create and manage private networks to interconnect your servers with each other.
  • Upgrades - Order upgrades for your server, e.g. for more RAM, CPU cores or a higher network speed.
  • Statistics - View detailed statistics about your server's CPU, RAM, I/O and network resource usage.
  • Credentials - View your server's initial credentials and learn how to connect to your server.
  • Reverse DNS - Request and manage reverse DNS entries for your server's IP addresses.
  • Extend Runtime - Extend the runtime of your server to keep it running.
  • SSH Keys - Create and manage your SSH public keys for convenient authentication on Linux servers.
  • Ticket System - Contact our support team via our ticket system.
  • Balance Management - Charge your balance and view your transaction history for your account.