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VPS2day's billing system is based on a prepaid model. When ordering a service, you choose an initial runtime for the services. You'll immediately pay for that runtime and the service will be active for the chosen runtime. The longer the initial runtime is, the more of a discount you'll get because we profit from the longer commitment period.


Which payment methods do you accept?

As of today, we accept PayPal, Credit Card, Paysafecard and 70+ cryptocurrencies.


Credit Card payments are subject to prior customer verification to prevent card testing and fraud.

Can I cancel a service before the end of its runtime?

No, that's not possible. Upon ordering a service, you select an initial runtime, and you commit yourself to that runtime. In return, we give you a discount on the service's price when you choose a longer runtime. If you don't want to use a service anymore, you can simply disable auto-extension for it and after the end of its runtime, it will be automatically deleted.

Can I charge less than 10 EUR?

Unfortunately, that's not possible. The minimum amount you can charge your account with is 10 EUR. This is due to transaction and handling fees. It wouldn't be economical for us to allow payments below 10 EUR.

Do I get an invoice?

After charging your account, you can immediately download a proper invoice as PDF document from our client portal.

Do you offer pay-as-you-go services?

As we are a prepaid provider, we don't offer pay-as-you-go services. You can only order services with an initial runtime of at least 1 month. Hourly billing is not possible.