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VPS2day is currently present in 9 datacenters around the world. We're constantly working on expanding our points of presence to provide you with the best possible connectivity and performance.

One key point of our pricing strategy is that you always pay the same price for the same resources, no matter which location you choose. This means that you can freely choose the location that suits your needs best.

Available Locations

You can click on the location name to get to the location's looking glass.


Which location is the best for me?

We get the question a lot, but we're not really in the position to properly answer it. The best location for you depends on a few factors, you need to rule out yourself:

  • Geographical location
  • Network latency / throughput
  • Legal aspects

If you're e.g. located in Europe but want to serve customers in the US, it's probably a good idea to choose a location in the US. However, if your target audience is located in Europe, you should probably choose a location in Europe because the network latency towards the US would be significantly higher.

In terms of network connectivity and performance, you can utilize our looking glasses. Those web interfaces allow you to perform ping and traceroute commands towards a location of your interest. Additional we provide download files of different sizes where you can test your ISP's speed towards our network with.

Can I change the location of my VPS?

No, that's not possible. Once you ordered a server at a certain location you can not move the server to another one.

Which locations are planned for the future?

Kindly understand that we don't share our exact expansion roadmap. However, you can rest assured that our team is constantly working on evaluating new datacenter locations.

Why are some locations not listed on the order page?

We only list locations that have available resources. If a location is not listed, it means that we're currently out of stock there. Please try again later or choose another location.